My mother has been a resident of King’s Care for nearly 2 years and we feel very lucky to have her living in such a quality facility.  The staff is caring and patient, the environment warm and inviting, and always impeccably clean and the food is fabulous.  We always feel welcome when we visit.  We ourselves run a similar program for people with developmental disabilities, and had high expectations when we needed to find a residential placement for my mom.  We looked at many other options before finding Kings’ Care.  When moving a loved one to a residential facility trust and quality are huge factors.  King’s provides my mother with a lovely home and quality care. We re happy to have found them.  -Donna Mara

A bright airy, clean living room greets you as you enter King’s Care.  This same favorable impression continues throughout the facility, from the well-equipped kitchen, dining area, to the cozy bedrooms. The staff is friendly, caring and helpful. In summary King’s Care is a great place to live.  -Ted Martin

My father has been thriving at King’s Care Assisted Living for almost 6 years. When it became evident that he was no longer safe living alone I was forced to make the difficult decision to find an appropriate facility. I will be honest, he can be difficult and hard to please. He was adamant that he would not willingly move. After reviewing almost a dozen options I felt most comfortable with the staff at King’s Care. Despite his reluctance he agreed to give it a try ‘From minute one he was made to feel welcome. Even his finicky eating habits are tolerated and I believe that he is now healthier as a result of their efforts. His health challenges are addressed professionally leaving his dignity intact.

He has never said one negative thing about his stay there, believe me that is saying a lot. It’s been a complete relief to me to know that he is in good hands.

Thank you King’s Care staff and ownership. –D. Smyth

When it came time to find my mother a living facility that could accommodate her personal and physical needs, I knew it would be difficult to find a good place that I could entrust my mother’s care.  I had purchased a long-term care policy for my mom, but later discovered that she had canceled the policy without my knowledge.  Now frustrated, I realized my choices were going to be more limited.  I needed to find a good place, not too expensive, and I’d probably need to compromise some of my expectations.  I toured many facilities before coming to King’s Care, in both the lower and upper prices.  But once I found King’s Care I had no intention of leaving until they accepted a deposit check from me.  (No Joke).

The facility is absolutely clean, well maintained, well staffed, beautifully decorated and best of all, FRIENDLY.  I must admit that I expected the manager and staff to be friendly when I first toured the facility because they are selling me a product.  But I was so pleasantly surprised that this friendly, and very caring attitude, is a normal part of this facility each and every day.  When I entered the front door, I thought I couldn’t afford something so nice for my mother.  I was amazed to find that their prices are affordable and that they really work hard to accommodate all of their client’s particular needs.  They listen to all of your concerns and earnestly try to see what works best for their client’s particular needs.  My mother has now lived at King’s Care for over a year and I couldn’t have found a better facility, even if money was never an issue.  Not many people can say that!

All of the staff at King’s Care feels like an extension of our family.  They have taken on so much of my mother’s needs that it allows me to focus on my kids, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy and needs a lot of attention and care.  They take my mother to her doctor appointments, pick-up her medications, get her hair done and all I need to do is pay for whatever costs incurred.  They communicate with me if they have any concerns about my mother’s care.  I am very grateful that I found the best possible place to care for my mother.  I sometimes feel they are the answer to my prayers, sincerely.

Thanks for everything King’s Care
Karen Bartelt, October 22, 2012

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